Last week, I received an email from a dear friend; in it, she responded to my earlier emailed request to please give me feedback as she reads my posts. With her permission, I’ll share the 2 points she raised.

First, she noted that I may be limiting my scope and, therefore, not reaching others who might find this blog helpful. Her point is that my  focus has  primarily been on adjusting to a radically-changed life after the loss of a spouse, child, or marriage (as a result of a divorce). She noted that there are other very difficult losses that bring the end of life as a person knows it, demolishes their dreams and hopes and plans for the future, and causes them to significantly revise their lifestyle. For example, she noted a mutual friend whose life changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; the physical and emotional toil this disease has taken on our friend has caused her to give  up her beloved teaching career, interferes with her ability to play and do things with her children, etc. My friend also reminded me about one of her coworkers, a woman of 45  whose dreams of being a wife and mother go unfulfilled year after year. Both of these women are trying very hard to adapt to their situations, to build creative and fulfilling lives despite the obstacles they face.

She also explained that she was seeing only one side of me here — my serious side, the “I want to help others” aspect of my personality. She felt there was nothing wrong with that, of course, but that she would also like to me to not be afraid to be humorous (which she assured me I often am “in real life”) and to not worry so much about each and every post providing advice or steps or tips.

I respect my friend’s opinion and believe she is right (she usually is!). As I told her, I feel I’m still finding my voice as a blogger. I appreciate your comments and feedback, your support, and your presence here, and I hope you will continue to hang out with me and to share your thoughts and your feedback.