The past two weeks have been busy here. The buyers of my home sold their current home, causing me to have a closing date as well. Suddenly, I was faced with having to find a place to rent, make all the usual arrangements for moving, and ramp up my decluttering efforts. Fortunately, I found almost exactly what I was looking for — smaller, ground floor, close to the “business district” of the same planned community I currently live in; unfortunately, it came at a slightly higher price than I had hoped for (but still less than my current house payment, so . . . )

This news came just as I was making the final push to finish writing and tweaking all of the materials for the online class I’m teaching (began June 2 and runs 8 weeks) and to get everything loaded. I only teach online in the summer, and I didn’t teach at all last summer, and unfortunately I’d forgotten how time-consuming those final preparations actually are. I got everything done in time for the class opening this past Monday, and the first week went very smoothly. One down, seven to go.

I also celebrated another birthday. Actually, “celebrate” is probably not the best word. Other than a wonderful lunch with my daughter, I spent the day alone — reading, knitting, writing, and decluttering a bit. I have to admit that this birthday was a bit more difficult than past birthdays, maybe because now I’m actually “pushing” the next decade marker (more on that later this week).

The highlight of the past few weeks, though, was my son’s visit. I was able to spend 3 wonderful days with both of my children! We enjoyed some excellent meals together, attended a St. Louis Cardinals game and sat in one of the all-inclusive (food and beverage) seating areas, had our family photo taken, and simply relaxed and enjoyed being together. Those times together are far too rare, and I savored every moment.

The next few weeks promise to be no less busy. I take possession of my new apartment this Thursday and will make every effort to move quite a bit myself over the next week, before the movers take care of the heavy pieces the following Friday. My teaching responsibilities will also require a considerable amount of time each day, and I am determined to get back on track and say on track in other areas — blogging, exercise, writing, and so on.

Never far from my mind, no matter what I’m doing, is what direction I’m going as I live this new life that is so different from what I’d planned for. I feel I’ve made some important steps forward as I continue to dream and brainstorm where I want to go next, and I’m excited that I’m actually taking some of the steps that just a few months ago were on my “want to do” list.

I hope that this time of longer days is providing you time with family and friends. I also hope you are making time for yourself — time to define what you want your life to be and time to take the steps necessary to bring that definition to reality.