Every home has its good points and its bad and even maybe some ugly, and now that I’ve lived in my new apartment for 3 weeks, I’ve identified a few that I thought I’d share.

The Good

* less expense

* less room to store stuff, to clean, etc.

* no fenced back yard = more walks with Dazey  (I’m sure that won’t be on the “Good” list when cold weather arrives  lol

* living right in the heart of the community, within a couple hundred yards of the post office, coffee shop, market & other stores, etc.


The Not-So-Good (because these things aren’t really *bad*)

* flies — it seems there are always a couple of flies in the apartment

* the dark kitchen without windows (thank goodness I don’t spend lots of time in meal preparation)


The Ugly 

* I found this just yesterday — the previous renters left a little pile of doggy doo in the behind one of the floor-length curtains in the bedroom


The Funny

* The unit came with a washer & dryer that are “stacked”, but not really stacked in the normal sense. The washer is a top-loading and is on bottom, so the dryer is mounted (in brackets) high enough that the washer lid opens about 3/4 of the way. That’s not the funny part, though. The dryer is mounted too high for me to reach in, so I have to unload the dryer and hang & fold clothes while standing on the top of a 3-level step-stool. It makes me laugh every time I do laundry, which is not a bad thing at all. 🙂