I love lists, so an email from the Declare Conference organizers with an invitation  to participate in a 4 x 4 post made my day!


4 Things About Me

  • I am very interested in starting a business selling mixed-media word art — on canvas and on wood.
  • I’m an introvert who loves to be around people.
  • I would love to quit my job and live full-time in a camper, moving on as the mood strikes.
  • I’m a water-person who longs to live either on the beach or on a large lake.


4 of My Endearing Quirks

  • When I sneeze, I sound like a cat (according to my family :))
  • I have no fashion sense (I think it’s endearing, but I’m pretty sure I often embarrass my daughter :)).
  • I am awfully uncoordinated. Back when Jane Fonda-type aerobics were so popular, everyone would be clapping, stepping, and hopping, but I would be hopping, clapping, and stepping. You should see me in a Rhumba class!
  • I sing with wild abandon, especially to oldies and contemporary Christian music. Well, I think it’s endearing; nobody has actually expressed that to me. 😉


4 Things About My Blog & Writing

  • I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately pondering the direction I want to go with my blog.
  • Two books are rattling around in my head.
  • I love long sentences — complete with dashes; I also like to use fragments from time to time. Like this!
  • I try to be honest and transparent when I blog, but sometimes that’s pretty scary.


4 of My Favorite Things

  • They’re people, not things, but I can’t *not* put  my son and daughter here. Everything and everybody else are a distant, distant 2nd.
  • My favorite food is still-hot chocolate pudding.
  • I love the NFL and watching games on television in my jammies on Monday night, Thursday night, and from noon to bedtime on Sunday.
  • My favorite vacation spot is The Great Smoky Mountains.

What about you? Please respond with the same 4 x 4 about you!