Just before 2014 ticked down to a close, an event occurred that could result in my moving sometime in the next 6 or so weeks. I don’t mean to be cryptic, but I’m not comfortable sharing specifics until all the details are worked out and things are final. One way or the other, I should be able to explain next week.

I love downsizing, so even the possibility that I may be moving again caused my sorting–and–selling/tossing/keeping gene to kick into overdrive. With my planner in front of me, I began planning how I could significantly eliminate unnecessary and unwanted possessions before mid-February.

The first thing that came to mind was the 29 years’ worth of scrapbooking supplies, photos and memorabilia stored in boxes, bins, and built-in cabinets in the office area. Because I made the decision to scrap digitally (see January 1, 2015 post) and had gotten some information from my son & daughter about what they do and don’t want include din their albums, I knew I could eliminate duplicate photos (ordered in pre-digital-camera days to create 2 sets of albums), some memorabilia, and all supplies — paper, stickers, embellishments, etc.

Eager to get started, I sorted out larger items first and listed them on my planned community’s Facebook sell/swap page. Within a few days, I’d sold about $70 worth; I certainly took a loss on what I had purchased them for, but it was enough for me that these items were out of the house — the money was “gravy”, as my dad would say.

But selling on the Facebook group is tedious. Taking pictures, creating the listings, and responding to questions about the items takes a bit of time and are minor issues. What becomes a problem — and a larger one than you might expect — is dealing with the buyer once they’ve claimed an item. Unfortunately, I rarely have a buyer who shows up as scheduled. Some buyers set and miss 3 or 4 appointments without a message saying they can’t make it, and the whole process becomes a tedious, drawn-out affair of waiting for the buyer to show, sending messages back & forth when they don’t, and going through the process again. All of this, sometimes, for just $4 or $5!

As I’ve been dealing with this the past 2 weeks, I’ve also been considering what to do with all the non-scrapbooking stuff I own.

One part of me longs to pack up everything I use and love to be moved to the new place and then haul off the rest — every bit of it — to a charity thrift shop I feel good about supporting.

My frugal side says, “Not so quick!” It reminds me that dealing with disrespectful people is a small price to pay to send these items out the door while at the same time gaining a little bit of cash to add to my debt-free home fund.

And, I must admit, there’s a small part of me that says, “Forget it all. Forget the money, forget being ecologically responsible. Pack up everything you want to keep and toss the rest in the dumpster just down the street!”

No matter what I decide, I’m also (once again) debating how ruthless to be as I decide what to keep. Do I continue to pack and move items like the various art projects — a small (2″ square) origami container, at least 9 items created in various pottery lessons by my then 7-year-old child, and other pottery items created by a Cub Scout who had no artistic aspirations and just wanted craft time to be over so he could get outside for “outside time”.

What about the small decor items that were gifts from my children when they were much younger. The small cream and rose-colored Asian-themed vase, for example, or the 2 1/2″ tall blue and white birdhouse-teapot.

My son and daughter have asked me more than once why I still have those items prominently displayed in my home. They remind me that the items don’t fit my decor, and my daughter has even told me that she thinks the items she made are tacky and should be discarded. They both urge me to simply take pictures of the items.

But I’m a mom. I’m the type of mom who still has on the side of her refrigerator a favorite drawing by each child . . .  from their elementary-school days. Yes, they’re both in their 20’s.

Do I hang on to those things too long? Is it time to discard these items? Dare I?

A decision must be made. Soon. I’ll keep you posted.

I’d love to hear what you would do — please share your opinion via a comment. Thanks!