You’d think that, with 23 moves in the 30+ years since I graduated from college, I’d have no illusions as to the amount of work involved in moving from one place to another. I’ve moved solo, married-but-pre-children, pregnant (at 2 months along, 6 months along, and 8 months along, for those who may be keeping track), married-with-children, and then back to solo. I’ve moved short distances — about 5 blocks — and across country. I’ve moved in snow, rain, and 100+ degrees in the desert. I’ve upsized and downsized.

Still, somehow I thought that since I’ve downsized tremendously this move would be “easier”. Delusional — that’s me!

In the handful of weeks since I found out I would definitely be moving, I’ve neglected everything except my job to prepare for this move and to get it underway. Closing was last Friday, and so far I’ve:

  • sold almost $600 worth of stuff, with only one or two large items in the mix — tons of small stuff
  • thrown away at least 4 large garbage bags of duplicate photos and memorabilia I was going to use in scrpbooks
  • transported 3 carloads of household odds and ends household goods to the new house

As I look at that list, it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished all that much, but I know that’s not true. I’ve worked very hard these past few weeks, and the end is finally in sight. One more trip with bins of my dishes, glassware, and cookware, and I’ll be done. I’ll stand aside and watch the professionals load up the furniture and the boxes in the storage facility here, and then I’ll direct them as they deliver that furniture and those boxes to the new house.

I’m excited about this move and about where it’s taking me, but I am sorry that it’s distracted me from this blog and from other pursuits and interests. I’m looking forward to settling into the new place and into new routines.

I’m also excited about tweaking this blog a bit. While I’ve been sorting and packing, I’ve had time to consider the direction I want to go, and that will be changing somewhat. I’ll be sharing more about those changes in the weeks ahead, but I hope you’ll hang around and continue to share this journey with me.