I’m participating in a challenge to blog every day in May; today’s prompt instructed participants to identify a blogger . . . or a family or friend . . . for whom we feel love and devotion.

This is a difficult prompt for me. As much as I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, I don’t read any one blog enough to say that I’m devoted to that blogger. I do love Curtiss Ann Matlock’s blogs, primarily because I love her books and enjoy the glimpses into a favorite author’s life. But devoted? No.

The people I love the most and am most devoted to are, of course, my son and daughter. Over the 28+ years I’ve been a mom, my bone-deep, love for my two offspring has never changed; my sense of devotion to both my son and daughter has, however, changed over time.

We’re at a place now where, of course, I no longer need to be concerned about and devoted to tending to their physical needs.

If you asked my son and my daughter how it is that I demonstrate my devotion to them today, I think they would first say that I love them unconditionally. Beyond that, I think they would both note that I am devoted to their spiritual needs; they know that I pray for them daily and that when they’re facing a stressful situation — big test or presentation, travel, etc — I pray even more. I think they would both also say that I am devoted to their emotional needs in that while I don’t agree with every life-decision they’ve made, I always, as my students say, “have their back”, that I am their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

It would be interesting, I think, if each of my children would guest-post for me someday and write about our relationship from their perspective. I know what their reaction would be if I asked. Neither would jump at the chance; in fact, quite the opposite. Their science-bent natures have make them seriously dislike writing, and neither is the type to share about their feelings or relationships publicly. They are, in that respect, their father’s children.

And so, until I can somehow cajole them to guest-post or win their participation in a bet of some kind, you have only my perspective on the topic of my love and devotion for my son and daughter. It makes me wonder just what it is they would say . . .