I’m participating in a 30-day spending fast. The plan is to purchase only necessities — food, gas, etc — the entire month of June. Feel free to jump in and join me; if you do, I hope you’ll share your own experiences and thoughts via a comment. 

Today is day 1 of my 30-day spending fast, so I thought I should explain a bit more about this self-challenge.

Overall, my plan is to purchase only necessities such as food and gas.

More specifically, within the necessities, I can only purchase necessities. That sounds a bit redundant, so let me explain. This morning, I was feeling sorry for myself because of my hurting knee and the physical limitations it places on me; I really, really wanted to go to Starbucks and order my favorite comfort beverage — a venti soy chai tea latte. But  even though food and drink are necessities, a venti soy chai tea latte, specifically, isn’t.

So, instead of spending around $5 at Starbucks, I brewed a cup of Earl Gray tea and got a few cookies from a sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in the freezer and enjoyed a special treat without spending a dime. I also didn’t use any gas (which would have resulted in a gas purchase sooner rather than later), so it was a win-win solution.

This spending freeze doesn’t mean I won’t eat out at all during the month of June. For example, I already have plans to eat out Tuesday evening with a new friend (the owner of an adorable yarn shop here in town). Part of the proceeds from the sales that evening go to a local church (for a mission trip, I think), and I need to both eat and to socialize, so I’m okay with this outing.

I realize that my ruling on what is and isn’t okay is somewhat arbitrary, and that’s okay. I’m open to refining this challenge as needed, as long as the revisions are true to the spirit of the challenge.

Until next update . . .