When I envisioned writing this post, I saw the blog title “The Office has been Conquered” and a blog post that began with a photo of my home office, devoid of everything except the furniture and and a few files (tucked neatly into my wicker file box/ottoman) and a drawer of office supplies. This gorgeous picture would be accompanied by text in which I shared, in a non-nonsense, aw-shucks manner, how I had swept into the home office, tackled each drawer and stack and bin and box with ninja-like intensity, leaving nothing behind except absolute necessities.

Alas, as you can see, there is no such photo. Keep reading, and you’ll discover there is no such narrative.

Instead, I must confess that I have barely begun to tackle the home office. I’m hanging my head in shame here, but I want to be totally honest with you. Even the phrase “I have barely begun” is in correct. In the 3 weeks since I’ve been out for summer break, I’ve only ventured into the home office to file medical receipts and get a new ink pen when my old one ran out of ink.

The start truth is: I haven’t even begun to tackle the home office. And I don’t want to tackle the home office. In fact, even thinking about sorting through all the stuff in there makes me feel . . . well, like this


So, instead of putting on my big girl bloomers and getting the job done, I’ve been nursing a hurt knee (rest, elevation, ice, and Advil), reading, working on my novel, and watching baseball and basketball on TV.

But I need to get that office done. I know that when I finish that office, I’ll be filled with such a sense of accomplishment . . .

So, I’m forcing myself to do it with both a carrot and a stick.

The stick first. I’m committing — here, on this blog — to having the office sorted and simplified by this time next week. That won’t give me time to scan all the photos and memorabilia, but it’s certainly enough time to get everything else — craft supplies, files, office supplies, and various “stuff” sorted and all but the absolute necessities gone. Donated or thrown away or shredded (and thrown away). So where’s the stick? I want every person who reads this blog entry to come back next week and, if I haven’t accomplished this task, post a comment expressing your disappointment. If you really want me to feel bad, post on your facebook wall that I failed to tackle even one small room in an entire week.

The carrot? Well, I have a tentative appointment for a week from today for a massage. I will only call and confirm the appointment this Saturday afternoon IF I’ve sorted and simplified the office. 🙂

There you go . . . my confession and my vow to get the job done this week. Wish me luck because I really need that massage!