I didn’t update last week on my Spending Fast. It’s a bit hard, I think, to write about not doing something! 🙂

With just under a week to go, I think I’m going to make my goal of spending only on necessities the entire month of June. I must confess that I did buy what many would consider a non-essential last week. Before visiting a friend’s father in the nursing home last week, I picked up the latest “National Geographic”  to take to him. I have to admit I felt a bit odd giving a 97-year-old man a magazine with a cover article about “weed” (yes, marijuana) on the cover, but his daughter had told me liked to read NG, and I figured the cover would give us a good conversation starter.

I don’t consider that magazine a non-necessity, by the way. I cannot imagine many things more difficult for a vigorous, very intelligent individual than being confined to a nursing home; it would have been unconscionable to not bring him something to occupy his mind and while away at least a little time.

I’ve briefly considered extending the spending freeze another month, but I haven’t yet made a decision. It’s tempting, but I’ve also had my eye on a thing or two, so I’m going to wait until the very last minute to make a decision, I’m sure.


I’m very excited to be traveling this Saturday morning to a tiny home builder’s open house to see some of the homes he and his team build. After a couple of years of reading about tiny homes, poring over floor plans, and trying to imagine myself living in one, I’ll set foot in an actual tiny home for the very first time!

I’m not sure if a tiny home will be a good fit (yes, the pun was intentional — lol) for me; I hope that this trip will equip me to make that determination.

If you’re interested in attending and live within driving distance of the Memphis, Tennessee area, google Tennessee Tiny Homes and check out the open house. A reservation is required so they may send you directions to their facility (the address is not provided on the website).

If you go, look for a middle-aged woman hobbling around on a bum knee!