I’m very excited again this week to join a talented group of women bloggers in an online, unedited flash mob free write. This week, the word-prompt given to us by our fearless leader Kate Motaung (whose wonderful blog can be found at katemotaung.com) is “green”. My timer is set for 5 minutes; ready, set,

It’s been a long, rough week. Every day was long, with time out for only one rushed meal each evening (and one of those evenings that meal was Instant Breakfast). I won’t bore you with details; trust me when I say it was stressful.

I was a bit cranky at the end of every day. I’ll admit that. However, I am over it. I’m not cranky now, and you need to know that before you read on. Let me set the mood. It’s Friday. I don’t work on Friday. I have been up for a few hours, doing my devotion, puttering around the house contentedly. I am in a wonderful mood. Now, read on.

I strongly dislike green.

I would say I hate green, but there are a few green things I like, so green gets a “strongly dislike” rating from me.

Let’s get those things I do like out of the way first.

I like: asparagus, broccoli, grass, emeralds (my birthstone) and the cute little outfits the Keebler elves wear. (That last one was a stretch, I know.)

The list of what I don’t like is about as long, but I’d like to explain.

I don’t like the so-called “green” movement. There’s no time to go into a lengthy explanation here, so don’t blast me based on this very, very limited explanation. While I do think all of us, myself included, should be more caring of the beautiful world our Lord gave us, I am disgusted that many individuals and groups have: lied, shoved their agenda down the throats of Americans, appropriated funds that I believe should go elsewhere (funding cancer research comes to mind and so does taking care of our veterans), acted hypocritically, taken facts/information out of context, and . . . .

Other than the above-mentioned asparagus and broccoli, I am not a big fan of green vegetables. Green beans are okay, but I don’t particularly *like* them. I eat them; I don’t seek them out. If given as a choice on a restaurant menu, I don’t order them. Lettuce? No taste unless accompanied by salad dressing. I’d rather just enjoy my Ranch dressing on — you got it — fresh broccoli (and cauliflower, which isn’t green, so I put it in parenthesis). The other greens — kale, chard, mustard greens, collard, and the like? Sorry, Vegetarians, but I really, really don’t like them. Not a bit.

Green clothes. Green does not in any way complement my hair color or skin tone. Nor does it bring out the blue in my eyes, although my mother always said it did. In other words, green does not look good on me. More accurately and honestly, it’s me that doesn’t look good in green.

I can’t even say I like green money. I appreciate what I can do with it and the security that it gives me, but I don’t like the stress that comes with acquiring it. I don’t like the importance that it has. Okay, I can be and should be honest here. I don’t like the importance *I’ve allowed it to have*.

I can’t think of any other green things and the timer is about to run out. Oh, green apples. I don’t care for them, either. Too tart.

Green. I’m not a huge fan.