It’s amazing how many changes I — a person who has their entire life vigorously resisted the temptation to make any kind of New Year’s resolutions* — am committing to this year. I haven’t made these commitments lightly; instead, I’ve made them in light of my desire to live more fully, more intentionally as of the New Year.

I don’t want to run out of steam or weinie out of my commitments, so I’m publishing them here for the world — or at least, my own little blogging world — to see. My hope is that forcing myself to be honest in a public forum about my progress each week will be additional incentive to accomplish what I’ve set out to do this year.

2016 Commitments

  1. To live more intentionally and fully (see my post from December 31, 2015)
  2. To complete each of the 12 monthly challenges I’ve set for myself
  3. To write every single day — all 366 of them (Leap Year!) — by working on my book 6 days a week and blogging every Saturday night.
  4. To read 52 books — 1 each week of the year  Information about “52 Books in 52 Weeks”
  5. To chronicle my progress at the end of each week’s blog post

There you have it. My commitments to myself. For myself. I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog so you receive my weekly posts on how I’m doing in my quest to live up to these commitments. I also hope you’ll comment frequently — I love receiving your feedback, hearing your thoughts, and reading of your own experiences.

And with that, I need to turn off my trusty little MacBook Air and get started — I have a book to start and a room to sort.

* In the spirit of transparency and accountability, I must confess that while I have adamantly resisted all peer pressure to make New Year’s resolutions each January 1, I have still made my own kind of resolutions. As a student for 19 years, the mother of students for 17 years, and a teacher for most of my adult life, my “year” rotates around the school year. So while you were rushing around buying school supplies, a backpack, and new clothes for yourself or your offspring, I was setting goals for the next 9 months; while you were anticipating the end of another school year and your or your children’s freedom for the summer, I was compiling a summer to-do list of family outings, home organization (once and for all!), and personal improvement.