Has a snippet of a song ever run through your head off and on all day, leaving you totally unable to remember the rest of the song or the title?

That’s been the case with me for the past 13 hours. I knew what I wanted to write about this evening, and I thought I might use some part of the song as a jumping-off point for my title or post. Of course, I couldn’t remember more than the one phrase — and it’s garbled at that: “All good things must come to an end and {such it is?} with the {wildwood ?} flower”.

If you know the name of that song (I’m 99% sure it’s a country song, but then again . . .), and share it in a comment, I’ll be really grateful. 🙂

Anyway, a good — no, a wonderful thing is coming to an end for me tomorrow morning when I return to the office after being off-site for a few months. I’ve worked part of the summer, but I’ve worked from home.

It’s been a busy summer. A quick trip to Fort Worth for my son’s graduation from medical residency, countless hours trying to line out things with my former contractor, and eventually starting all over with various jobs being completed piecemeal.

Gutting a kitchen all by myself (I’m pretty darned proud of that one!) and taking far too long (and buying at least 12 little samples — yes, 12!) to pick out the color for present living room.

Traveling to visit my daughter with my son and his fiance; visiting several area wineries and doing a eco-ziplining tour while there.

Enduring more days of rain than I can remember ever having over the Summer. Reading books and participating in a couple of book launches and writing quite a few reviews.

Getting a book club started and enjoying a couple of lunches out with friends. Hours spent in physical therapy for shoulder issues that include a torn rotator cuff, bursitis, and osteophytes.

Now it’s time to get back into my regular routine, complete with a 2-hour-each-way commute (which I choose to make, but that’s another story) several days a week, 15-hour days, and quite a bit of stress.

I’m not complaining, though. Many in my field — and in other fields as well — are without jobs or are unhappily working outside their field. I am blessed to have a job, the job I have. The job I will go back to tomorrow.

All good things must come to an end . . . to make room for other good things, I hope.