From the time I was able to put pencil to paper, I’ve been a list-maker; in fact, I’ve been known to make lists of lists I need to create! As a result, I’m excited to participate this year in Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists Project; look for my list every Monday.

This week’s list is not an easy one for me to write, just as the interview question “What do you consider your strengths?” causes me to squirm. But I’ve committed to responding to each of the 52 prompts, so . . . 

List 12: List your best qualities

  • intense commitment to family 
  • commitment to the Christian faith
  • acceptance of and love for individuals who differ fundamentally from myself — culturally, politically, spiritually, etc. 
  • curiosity and a strong desire to learn 
  • loyalty
  • a healthy balance of common sense/practicality and the ability to dream 
  • compassion
  • creativity — with words
  • strong desire to help others