I was unable to post last week’s list because, as the recipient of someone’s unbelievably-generous hospitality, I was staying in the Nashville-area condo that belongs to the mother/in-law of a couple who are very special friends. The mother/in-law is wintering in Florida, and she agreed to her daughter’s generous offer to let me stay in her condo and write without the distractions of home.

As a result, I’m sharing two lists today, and I was struck by the connection between the two. Although that connection isn’t an aspect of either of my lists, I’m struck by the fact (as I believe) that difficulties are actually essential to we humans for several reasons. But now . . . on to last week’s and this week’s lists. 🙂

List 16: List your essentials.

  • family, particularly my son and daughter
  • faith in God (the Triune God and an intimate, dynamic relationship with Him
  • the practicalities: food, water, shelter
  • being at peace with where I am and what I have
  • friends
  • creative outlets
  • books — preferably great ones, but good ones will do, and if neither are available, a tolerable one
  • learning and growing as a person
  • simplicity in every respect of my life
  • avenues by which to serve 
  • a job that allows me quite a bit of autonomy and with an employer of integrity
  • music — preferably the oldies, both rock and country
List 17: List the difficult moments that have shaped you for the better
  • without a doubt, the most significant event that belongs here is the (short) illness and and passing of my husband at age 48 (I was 51 at the time)
  • the relatively-public loss of a job
  • a significant misunderstanding on the part of a former supervisor at my current job
  • a dark night of the soul (I’ll just leave it at that :))