Wifi and battery life being what they are, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post here on the blog every day, but my plan is to post every morning with a recap from the day before. Tonight, I thought I’d just share a recap of today’s drive.

I pulled out of the driveway at 8 a.m., headed East. Traffic going the same direction through the St. Louis metro area (both on the Missouri side of the River and on the Illinois side) was light, thank goodness. I stopped midday for a quick lunch and continued on.

Eventually, I entered “Kentucky”, and the view from the driver’s seat was stunning (except for the 3 times I encountered — for about 10 min each time — very heavy rainfall and strong winds). Within a couple of hours, I actually said to myself several times, “Kentucky is an absolutely beautiful state”.

Following the instructions given to me by the very polite Albert (aka Bertie, the helpful British man inside my gps), I turned off the main highway (interstate?) onto a state highway. Almost immediately, I came to an adorable small-ish town with a sign stating “Historic Downtown, Antiques, and Shops) and an arrow pointing to the left.

I decided a detour was in order, so I turned left and drove through a delightful town. I drove slowly (the speed limit was 25, so I wasn’t holding anyone up) and took in the beautiful, stately homes lining the street leading to the downtown area. 

And then I saw a sign that indicated I wasn’t in Kentucky after all — I was in Indiana!!

So, to set the record straight, INDIANA is an absolutely beautiful state!!