Last January I read The Year of Living Biblically, an interesting book by a man who decided to spend an entire year obeying all the commands in the Bible. When I shared with a friend that I’d enjoyed that book, she suggested I read Shonda Rhime’s Year of Yes, which I also liked.  

Intrigued by the idea of committing to a new behavior for 52 weeks, and after considerable thought, I’ve settled settled on two closely-related 52-week long commitments. 

First, I will buy only gifts and personal necessities in 2022. Second. I will not purchase any of them from a big box store. 

The first will probably pose the greater challenge. I have stashes of yarn and scrapbook materials, so I’ll be able to knit and scrapbook. But not buying any books for an entire year will be a huge challenge! Thank goodness for my local public library and hoopla and libby for free ebooks. 

I’m confident that not shopping at big box stores will be easier. I already do most of my shopping at local businesses, but giving up Michaels Arts & Crafts and Target might present a challenge. I’m looking forward to finding more mom and pop stores in the area and as I travel.

Why don’t you join me in a “year of . . . “ of your own?

You could refrain from doing something for 52 weeks. You might stop exceeding the speed limit or watching television. You could emulate the protagonist from Liar, Liar and refrain from telling a single lie — even of the little white variety — but for an entire year. 

It could be fun — even beneficial — to do something for an entire year instead. Read for at least 15 minutes every day or eat the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables for 365 days straight. Commit to some form of daily exercise, doing a random act of kindness, or complimenting your significant other every day. 

Whether or not you participate in a 52-week challenge in 2022, I hope you’ll join the discussion I’ll be having each Monday here and on social media.

Until next Monday . . . have a safe and Happy New Year!