Life has been incredibly hectic the past two weeks, as I pack and begin moving for the 3rd time in three years. Unfortunately, I was so busy last Monday that I didn’t have time to write and publish a Year of Less post; fortunately, last week and this week are very similar, so . . . 

Week 3 & 4 Recap:


I purchased only gas and food — necessities, of course.

No purchases from big box stores:

Zero shopping — not even on amazon! 

My new landlord contacted me last week to let me know that a 2-bedroom apartment had become available, so I will now have a spare bedroom in which to store all the stuff I was going to have to store in my daughter’s basement. 

However, another issue was raised as a result. Long story short, because the original (1-bedroom) apartment didn’t have a dining area, I got rid of my dining room table & chairs — just before I found out about the 2-bedroom apartment! I plan to do what I was going to do originally — use my lift-top coffee table as my dining table, but I’m already weighing whether a dining room table & chairs are a want or a need. 

Using items from my stashes:

I didn’t knit a single stitch over the past 14 days, so my yarn stash has not grown any smaller. 

Getting rid of stuff:

As I’ve been sorting and packing for the upcoming move, I have . . . 

sold 3 smallish pieces of furniture and a dining room table and 6 chairs

donated 1 large trash bag of clothes

thrown away 2 large trash bags of items

All in all, 2 successful weeks!