Week 5 was an interesting mix of an ice & snow storm and the busy-ness of moving back home. And my year of less became a bit more interesting . . . 

Week 5 Recap


Again, I purchased food and gas, and I noticed that gas prices had gone up slightly. I’m glad that this move — and weekly drives of about 240 miles round trip — are almost behind me. 

Two years ago when I sold my house and moved into an apartmentette in my daughter & son-in-law’s house, I seized the opportunity to dispose (donate, sell, and throw away) lots of stuff I’d collected over the years but a) knew I wouldn’t need for at least a few years, if ever again, and b) was ready move on from.

One of those things was my tableware, a set of dishes I’d bought on sale over a dozen years ago. I’d never loved themI’d bought them because I needed them, they were “fine”, and they on sale and a great bargain. I jumped at the chance to sell them before I moved. But now, with my own full kitchen again, I need dishes. I’ve always wanted to collect pieces of Fiestaware — not purchase complete place settings — and mix and match them at meals. That wasn’t feasible with a family of 4 and frequent guests; I needed a complete set of dishes from the get-go. But now I do have the luxury of purchasing a piece here and a piece there, so that’s my plan.

Once the roads were cleared (sleet, ice, & snow had created quite a dangerous mess) enough to get out, I visited two of my favorite juntique stores. There wasn’t a single piece of Fiestaware in the first, very large shop, and it wasn’t until I got to the 3rd-from-the-last booth in the second, just as large shop, that I found 4 dinner plates. One was in pretty rough condition, but the other 3 were vintage but like new. I need dishes, so I purchased all three at $10 apiece. Considering that they are upwards of $15 on etsy and marketplace, with another $9 or $10 for shipping, I got a great deal!

I also needed dishwasher pods, laundry detergent, a clear shower curtain, and rings for hanging it, so I purchased those. 

I gave away my bed when I moved; my daughter had a spare bedroom set and I used it, but it’s her bed and I need a bed of my own. More details to come, but I ordered a bed and mattress set. 

I also bought books and candy for my littles (grandchildren) for Valentines Day. Not a need, of course, but my year of less allows for the purchase of gifts. I’ll admit that I was sorely tempted to purchase some candy for myself, but I resisted. 🙂

**Important Observation: As I shopped for books and candy for my littles, I noticed how easily I went from shopping for them to looking for something for myself. A paperback book with an intriguing title and cover was in my hand *and* I was on my way to the checkout counter when I suddenly remembered that this book was not a need and I could not buy it. I wanted to cheat — who would know, anyway? — but I didn’t. Instead, I returned the book to the shelf and as soon as I left the bookstore, I drove to my the library, got a new library card, and looked for that book. It was already checked out, but I have it on reserve! 

I was shocked at how easily I slipped right back into buy-mode and at my initial hesitation when tempted to cheat and buy the book. I know that as I purchase needs for my new apartment, I’m going to have to keep a close eye on myself!

No purchases from big box stores:

The dishes were purchased from an independent vendor in a locally-owned juntique store; the cleaning supplies and shower curtain/rings were purchased from amazon, the books were purchased from a small, independent bookseller, and I found the candy in a new, locally-owned gift shop in my hometown. I bought my bed and mattress set at my favorite furniture store, a family-owned, independent store in my hometown.So no big box store purchases again this week!


Using items from my stashes:

I didn’t knit a single stitch last week, so my yarn stash has not grown any smaller. However, I did donate 14 books to the local library.

Getting rid of stuff:

As I’ve continued sorting and packing for the upcoming move, I donated (to a local charity thrift shop) a large trash bag of clothes, fabric, and other odds and ends. I threw away a second large trash bag and one grocery-store brown paper bag filled with travel brochures, files I no longer needed, old clothes I had kept for “grubby” days that were not  donate-able,  manuals for items I no longer own and other unneeded files & paperwork, and other stuff I can’t remember.

Week 5 was one of temptation, an important lesson learned, and sticking to my plan!