My recent (completed 02-11) move was/has been, as I explained in a brief post last week, far more difficult than I anticipated. I’ve put my head down and focused on what *had* to be done, but I kept notes of my spending, so I’m ready to get caught up.

Weeks 6-9 Recap


I continued to purchase food and, fortunately, only had to buy 3/4 of a tank of gas this entire 4 weeks.  

 When I moved into a mother-in-law’s apartmentette just over 2 years ago, the plan was that I would use my daughter’s washer/dryer and her spare-room double bed, so I sold mine. When we moved here, she offered to let me keep her bed, but I knew she needed to have a spare bed so when her in-laws (who live several hours away) come to visit, nobody is forced to sleep on a couch or air mattress.

As I shared in the week 5 recap, I ordered a new bed; it arrived last week, and I love it! After doing laundry at my daughter’s house twice while babysitting, I knew that wasn’t very feasible, so this past Saturday I purchased a washer & dryer at 20% off. 

I also ordered new oven mitts and a new bathmat — my old ones seem to have disappeared somewhere through the 3 moves (in 2 years 3 months). So I’ve stuck to the necessities-only requirement. 

No purchases from big box stores:

The washer & dryer were, unfortunately, purchased from a chain store. There is only 1 independent appliance dealer within a 2-hour radius of where I live, and due to supply chain issues, they had only a few washers & dryers in stock. Those units were too pricey for my budget. I did shop via fb marketplace and fb sell/swap groups in my area but found nothing. 


Using items from my stashes:

I knitted several times over the last 4 weeks, so I’m using up yarn (finally!). 

Getting rid of stuff:

As I unpacked, I did some sorting and culling of items I knew I no longer needed; I donated 10 items to a local charity shop. I also chose 5 designer-label purses in excellent condition to take to a local designer-brands-only resale shop here in town. I plan to take them in on Friday, and they’re already in the trunk of my car, ready to go. 

Weeks 6-9 have been exhausting, but in terms of this challenge they have been rewarding. My only disappointment was having to purchase 2 major appliances from a chain store, but because of the circumstances I’m okay with it.