To blog or not to blog? That question has plagued me for a couple of years. I love to write, but the whole blog idea seemed somewhat contrived to me. After several months of prayerful deliberation, I’ve decided to return to the roots of blogging (think way back to the early 90’s) and approach this place on the web as a “personal diary”. I plan to write a brief entry several times a week, but bear with me if from time to time I carry on a bit or only post once a week. 


Sitting in a local tea shop this past Monday, waiting for a friend who was running a bit late, I decided to clean up my phone. 

I decided to delete any apps I rarely/never use and knew I never would. That took care of 7 or 8 apps. 

But what kept catching my eye was the blue square with the white lower-case “f”. My go-to when I’m bored or am trying to avoid doing something I know I should be doing. 

Delete! Good-bye Facebook. 

That felt so good that I got a bit cocky. I deleted Instagram and Pinterest as well!

I thought I’d miss being able to access social media when I’m away from my ipad (which still has social media apps), but 5 days in, I don’t. Not even a bit. 

I’m enjoying utilizing those little bits and bobs of time I used to spend looking at my phone to  people-watch or appreciate the natural world around me, to talk to God, to do nothing at all. To simply be. I should have done this a long time ago!