The past couple of years have been a “perfect storm” of age and isolation that has allowed (caused?) me to be more contemplative than in previous years. I’ve had plenty of (aka more than enough) alone time to look at where I am, what caused me to arrive here, and whether I want to continue living as I do.

I ultimately decided that change — in some ways, big change — is needed. And as everyone who has read a social media meme or a bumpersticker knows, change involves making choices moving forward than were the choices made in the past. 

With that in mind, I’ve selected “choose” for my 2023 “one word”, and I’m beginning the year by refreshing my perspective on choosing. I’m doing that by using as my morning devotional and Scripture meditation Lucinda Secrest McDowell’s “Life-Giving Choices: 60 Days to What Matters Most”. 

It’s a wonderful study that already — just 5 days in — has given me lots to ponder. 

Completely independent of that, I decided back in November to focus each week, both here and on social media, on one word that is in some important way relevant to prime time living. 

I hope you’ll join me every Wednesday here on the blog and every day on social media (Patti Miinch on both facebook and instagram) and join in the conversation!