Not too long ago I texted a friend, “I hope my flight won’t be delayed”. Unfortunately, airline personnel had already indicated it probably would be, and I was almost 100% sure that I wouldn’t be in a plane readying for takeoff as scheduled.

In truth, the vast majority of the time I say I “hope” something will happen, I don’t really think it will.

But according to Merriam Webster’s definition, hope is to “cherish a desire with anticipation.” In looking at the meaning of key words in that definition, I found that, simply put, to hope is to . . .

   look forward to as certain a longing that is held dear

With that in mind, should we correct our misuse of the word “hope” by only using it when we believe there’s at least a 51% chance of getting what we are really want to happen?

I don’t think so. Instead, I think it’s important to change what we do regarding our hopes.

First, we need to identify what we really long for. Not just casual wants or whims, but what we yearn for.

Second, we need to seriously consider who/Who we are counting on to bring that cherished longing to fruition.

Once we’ve identified who/Who that is, we need to communicate our desire to them/Them.

Finally, and this is probably the hardest step for most of us, we need to trust that the best outcome is certain and all will be well with whatever is that “best outcome”.

So . . . what are you hoping for? A wonderful diagnosis, a promotion at work accompanied by a raise, a son or daughter to be free from addiction, a currently-fracture relationship to be restored . . .

Whatever it is, I hope that my social media (Patti Miinch on Facebook and Instagram) posts this week will be a blessing to you.

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