For some reason, this post went live and then disappeared, so I’m trying to post it again.

The concept of reconciliation is one I’ve pondered quite often at least the past seven months.

On one hand, I’ve spent considerable time thinking about how to restore a relationship or friendship (or at the very least eradicate any hard feelings) that has been strained either because of my own actions or the actions of others.

I’ve also considered how to not just submit to, but be thankful for and rejoice in, life circumstances that are not what I would have wished for but which are now my “norm”.

I’ve read lots of wise words that address reconciliation: Scripture, sermons, and Biblically-based and secular articles & book chapters. I’ve prayed for wisdom, strength, peace, etc.

I haven’t just pondered, thought, considered, read, and prayed.

I’ve wrestled.

Because (for me, at least) reconciliation is a complicated issue, and the process itself can be messy and thorny. Not to mention spiritually, mentally, and even physically grueling.

I wish I could say that I have mastered the art of reconciliation, that there are no strained relationships in my life and that I am at complete peace with all aspects of it.

That would be a lie.

There has been progress. Just last week, for example, I reconnected with a former colleague 18 years after lies on the part of a couple of people with an agenda drove a huge wedge between us. Each of us asked forgiveness of the other, shared a bit about our own journeys, and have committed to praying for each other in the future. I cried many happy tears and was filled with joy.

I still grieve, though, over a couple of other strained, even severed, relationships and struggle with acceptance of several difficult life circumstances.

I’m definitely a work in progress, in reconciliation and in other ways. 🙂

I hope you’ll join me this week on social media (Patti Miinch on Facebook and Instagram) as I focus on reconciliation. I hope, too, you’ll share as you feel led, and that as you share and as you ponder the sharing of others, you will be blessed.