I’m conflicted. On one hand, I’m excited to share this and want the accountability. On the other, to put it into words for others to read causes me to feel . . . vulnerable. But here it is: I’ve started writing a book.

Wait. That’s not exactly true. I’ve started writing two books. At the same time.

Yes, I’m officially a cliche — the (retired) writing professor who writes a book. I’ll be sharing more in the future, I’m sure, but for now that’s about all I have to say except this. Over the weeks and months to come, I’m going to be asking questions on my Facebook author page and Instagram, and I’d love to have your input! So if you are on either social media site and haven’t already done so, please find, like, and follow me (Patti Miinch on both). I’ll also recap any questions here every Monday. But PLEASE join in the conversation one (or all) of these three places!!

Your help, your encouragement, and (especially) your prayers are truly appreciated!