I need somebody     (Help) not just anybody     (Help) you know I need someone, help

I typically do not like to ask for help. I don’t want to be a bother or impose on anyone.

But I do need your help.

It’s a slightly complicated situation, as situations tend to be, and I hope you’ll stay with me a few minutes.

As I’ve shared recently, I’m writing a book. The handful of editors I’ve pitched my idea to have show interest and encouraged me to pursue it. But along with that interest has been the reminder that in today’s culture, publishers expect that a new author will already have a social media presence and audience.

I have a no-frills social media presence made up of this blog, my facebook author page, & an Instagram account. And I have a respectable number of followers, each and every one of whom I am sincerely grateful for and with whom I thoroughly enjoy interacting.

Unfortunately, the majority of those who read & subscribe to this blog and “like” and “follow” my social media accounts are fellow writers.

While publishers look at raw numbers and may not know or care that this is the case . . . I do!

Because the truth is that while I love and appreciate every single writer-friend, what my heart longs for is to create and be part of places — social media, etc — in which people in their primetime years can connect and positively impact others and be impacted in return.

And so, after much thought, I’m asking for your help.

I am asking you to help me reach as many people as possible who are 50+ and retired or nearing retirement by doing two things:

     * liking & following my social media accounts and sharing my posts (Patti Miinch on both Facebook and Instagram) as often as possible

      * subscribing to this blog and sharing about it on social media

That’s it. Whether or not you feel comfortable doing this, I want you to know that I am immensely thankful for you. I’m humbled and honored that you choose to be here because I know full well that you have many, many other places to be.

So “thank you” — you gift me with your  presence, your comments, and your encouragement.