It’s topics like this week’s Ten on Tuesday that give me pause as a blogger. Honesty = vulnerability, and that can be scary. {Taking a deep breath} Well, here goes!

I feel . . . 

1. extremely blessed to have the opportunity to spend this semester in England.

2. frustrated and disgusted by people who demand tolerance of others while at the same time  refusing to be tolerant of anyone whose view differs from their own.

3. like a square peg in a round hole in one area of my life.

4. happiest when I’m with my son and daughter.

5. excited about learning to contra dance after I return to the states.

6. embarrassed by my lack of technical skills re: blogging and

7.  determined to learn how to add photos and use different sizes/types of fonts, etc in my entries.

8. invigorated by the changes I plan to make when I return home.

9. thankful for facebook and other forms of technology that allow me to stay in touch with family and friends easily and at little (if any) expense.

10. pretty darned proud of myself for navigating 8 countries via 11 train journeys AND successfully following walking tours I downloaded from the internet for each of the 4 cities I stopped in — at age 50+, by myself, and without being able to speak any of the native languages!!