When I first read this prompt yesterday, the skies were sunny and temperatures were in the high 50’s; doing something I enjoy outside seemed quite possible. Several hours later, the temperature had dropped considerably and, as I sat in a restaurant enjoying dinner with a colleague, I heard someone at a nearby table say, “Oh my goodness, it’s snowing!” And it was. Snowing. All thoughts of doing anything outside fled my brain. Needless to say, I am not a fan of cold weather. So today, instead of doing some of the things I enjoy doing outside, I will have to settle for listing them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though, and hoping to be doing each of these things very soon. So here you go — things I like to do outside:

1. Spend an afternoon or evening cheering for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium with my daughter and/or son.

2. Visit an amusement park with my son and daughter.

3. Relax on the beach. Walk on the beach. Be on the beach.

4. Relax on my vintage metal glider on my front porch and enjoy a cup/tumbler of hot/cold tea.

5. Play bocce ball.

6. Walk. It doesn’t matter where — my neighborhood, a path or trail, community or city streets — or what time of day.

7. Watch a high school football game from the bleachers on a Friday night in Autumn.

8. Relax on my raft in the middle of a pool with the sounds of children playing in the background.

9. People-watch from a sidewalk cafe and write in my journal.

**and no matter which of these I’m doing — or maybe something else entirely . . .

10. Simply be in the moment.