Today, I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules about blogging — Thou shall not explain changes in focus in a blog post. As Nike sayeth, “Just do it.”

That’s just not my style. I’m an explainer. Often I explain ad nauseum (just ask my kids), but it’s through explaining myself, by thinking through a process, that I better understand it myself and become more accountable. So, to start off today’s post, I’m going to briefly explain that, after considerable waffling and soul-searching about what I want this blog to be and what I don’t want it to be (a source of income), I’ve decided that what I really want to write about boils down to 3 or 4 things: simplifying, living my dream, sharing with others, and being part of a larger network of women who write.

So, my tentative new “schedule” is:

  • Monday:  5 Trunks & a Tote — focus on simplifying physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally
  • Wednesday:  Dream Save Do — living my dream
  • Friday (or late Thursday night): Five Minute Friday — post focused on one word as part of a group of women blogger
  • other days as the mood strikes — sharing . . . interesting things I’ve found, what’s on my mind/heart, etc.

So there you go! And now, I’m off to write my Monday post in which I share about my forays into my home office. 🙂