Last week was an emotional one for our country and for me. As I watched the events of the latter part unfold on television, I sometimes wept.

Sentimental tears, Joyful tears, Sorrowful tears.

The tears dried quickly, of course. My sorrow over what I witnessed from the comfort of my living room lingered.

It was hard to reconcile the fact that far too many people who would consider themselves nice, normal people apparently feel that violence is a way to respond to disappointment. That those people feel it’s appropriate to hurt people, damage other people’s property, etc., just because they didn’t get their way on election day.

It saddens me that their years-long demands for tolerance and respect were, quite frankly, hypocritical and self-serving.

It saddens me that they are incapable of realizing that when they resort to disrespectful and violent behavior, they become the very thing they proclaim to abhor.

Another thing that saddens me is the behavior and comments of many of those speaking at the women’s march in Washington and in other cities across this great land. I am appalled that a woman would stand up and proudly proclaim that she has thought of committing a terrorist act that would result in the death of many people and that women who applaud and cheer such a comment.

I’m saddened that another woman, outraged by the sexist and crude comments of one person, would then go on to say that this person probably has “wet dreams” about his own daughter. And again, women applauded and cheered.

It saddens me that these women, like the vandals who violated the law the day before, fail to recognize that their own comments do not distance them from the person they criticize; rather, their comments put them right there on the bench next to him.

I’m saddened, too, that a couple of my own Facebook friends publicly applauded the actions of “all” (their word, not mine) those who participated in one or both of these so-called protests. I asked two of them to clarify if, in fact, they really did approve of all of the activities — the violence, the criminal acts, the threats, etc. Both women said they did.

I’m saddened that, as a nation, we have become more divided than perhaps at any other time in our history. I’m saddened that those perpetuating the division refuse to see their role in creating the chasm.

I’m saddened that when one man makes sexist and even disgusting statements, many people who are justifiably horrified by his comments respond not with strong but peaceful tactics but with words and actions that are just — and even more — despicable.

And they see nothing wrong with that.

Yes, I’m a woman. But I am defined far less by my gender than by my spiritual beliefs.

As a result, I rest in the absolute trust that in the end everything will work out as it should.

The tears long dried, the sorrow fading, I turn away from marches of violence and hatred. I far prefer a walk of peace and love.

I want to make very clear that I do not condone sexist, racist, etc. language or actions on the part of anyone. I respect the beliefs of every single person, even those when they are diametrically opposed to mine on every single issue and at every level. It is disrespectful and criminal words and actions that I do not respect, no matter the beliefs of those from whom they come.