After returning from my van-camping adventure, I turned my attention to my “100 List” of things to accomplish or experience. I read my list and stopped at #47.  There it was! Something that would be both fun and good for me. 

It was time to buy a bike! 

But not a traditional bike. You know the type: 2 wheels; multiple speeds; horribly-uncomfortable seat. Not that sort of bike. 

I rode one of those until about 7 years ago, when a minor health issue made that problematic. I sold my bike then, resigned to never checking off #47: participate in a multi-day bike-riding event/tour.

Enter my friend Laura! A long-time triathlete, she mentioned to me this past winter that issues stemming from a major (automobile-driver caused) accident had led her to trade her traditional racing bike for a recumbent trike. Between her glowing testimonial and my subsequent research, I realized that a recumbent trike offered me the opportunity to ride a bike again and eventually check off #47.

Armed with stimulus money I hadn’t yet spent at small businesses and funds from my precious savings, I visited my favorite bike shop back home. Within an hour, I was the proud and excited owner of a neon green-yellow (looks better than it sounds) Catrike Villager. 

I’ve been riding my Villager on bike trails every weekend for a month now. It’s wonderful to be active and outside in the gorgeous sunshine. 

I hope that you make opportunities in these dog days of summer to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the world around  you!