If you know me at all, you know that I am a “less is more”, not a “more, more, more” gal. So when, a month or so ago, I first felt drawn to focusing on “more”, I was resistant.

If my initial reluctance wasn’t enough, the past few weeks have been filled with even more unavoidable stuff added to my already-full calendar. But no matter how busy each day was, how long my-to list grew, no matter how much I longed for less, I felt sure that I needed to focus on “more” for a change.

So here I am. Contemplating “more”. Oh, I could focus on the things many of us want more of — time, money . . . that sort of thing. But I hope to dig a little deeper than that.

I hope you’ll join the discussion here and every day this week on social media (Patti Miinch on both Facebook and Instagram)!

Let’s get the conversation started now. What 3-5 things would you love to have more of right now?