I’ve always been a list-making, task-checking-offer, just-give-me-the-steps-to-follow type of person. I want to know what is required of me so I can complete the steps or follow the rules and be successful at the endeavor at hand.

When it comes to most things — remodeling a house, knitting a sweater, planning for and teaching a course, etc — that strategy has served me well.

When it comes to my approach to living a Christian life . . . not so much.

Long story shorter, I’ve been convicted in the last year or so that rather than focus on doing certain things, I’m to: 1) focus on developing a closer, more intimate relationship with the Lord and 2) responding to Him in love, which translates to willing submission and obedience.

The problem is that I’m pretty new to this concept and sometimes don’t have a clue what God is calling me to do.

Case in point: this blog. To be blunt, I know what want to write about here, but I don’t know what God wants me to write about. As a result, I’m going to be taking a prayerful break, and if you are so inclined (which I hope you are), I hope you will join me in seeking God’s will. Should I blog at all? If so, what should be my focus moving forward.

I’ll still be posting on social media (Patti Miinch at both Facebook and Instagram) every week day (and occasional Saturdays), so I hope you’ll join me there every day.