We Americans are known for our fierce commitment to and love for freedom, both as collectively as a nation and as individuals.

In truth, I believe that all people long for freedom. Physical freedom, yes, but also — and even more importantly —  spiritual and emotional freedom.

Freedom from self-doubt & worry & loneliness & stress & regret & temptation & the myriad of negative emotions and influences that threaten us.

No physical army can win for us the spiritual and emotional freedom we long for. It is available only through God . . . through His Son’s death on the cross . . . and also through our own decision — each one of us, individually, to believe in Him as our personal Savior and Lord.

But that — coming to faith — is just the first step.

Unfortunately, far too many Christians stop there. They “come to faith” (and that is absolutely in and of itself wonderful), but they have no idea the freedom that is now theirs or what they have & can & should do as a result.

What about you?

Do you know what Christ’s death and resurrection has freed you from? Oh yes, it has freed you from an eternity in hell. But what about now — right now? What can be yours day in and day out because of Christ? What can (and should) you be doing because of the freedom His sacrificial death bought you?

Entire books have been written in answer to both questions, but I strongly urge you to go straight to the source — Scripture. (Google is a great way to find Scripture references that will share what Christians are free from and what they are to do with that freedom)

Study the Scriptures. Make a list of the freedoms you have because of Christ and your faith in Him.

And then, my friend, live out those freedoms!

Trust in the Lord . . . stop worrying about tomorrow and regretting the past.

Enjoy relationship with the best Friend you will ever have . . . banish loneliness and peer pressure and the like.

Intentionally and deliberately, step by step, follow Him . . . cease worrying about decisions such as which job to pursue and how to spend “your” precious time, money, and energy.

Celebrate your freedoms . . . and live them out . . . today and every day.