Perspective . . . vantage point . . . call it what you will, but the lens through which you see yourself is key.

Over and again, studies indicate that the vast majority of people view (i.e. assess) themselves through the lens of two things. The first, and most impactful, is what has been directly and indirectly conveyed to them by other people — first, their parents, and then teachers, classmates, coworkers & bosses, and spouses. In other words, people who are key players in their lives. The second influence is their “track record”, aka their successes and failures.

In turn, how people assess themselves plays an important role in how they see the world and their role in it.

Unfortunately, every single person who does that, who uses the assessments of others as the basis for assessing themself and the world around them, is making a significant mistake.

The fact of the matter is that our assessment of ourselves, the world, etc., should NOT be be based on that of others but on that of One. It is how God sees us that we should see ourselves.

So how does God see you and me? That’s a topic far too broad for one blog post, but I can assure you that His view of mankind is based on one thing: His love. Don’t believe me? Read what God Himself says.

And while you have your Bible open, grab a pen and paper. Search “how does God see us Scriptures” and read every single verse, making a list of how our perfect God views you.

Ponder that list. Learn to see yourself — and each person you encounter — through God’s eyes.

That simple practice will revolutionize your life. I promise!

Remember: every person you see — including the person you see in the mirror — is someone the Father loved enough to send His Son to save and is someone Jesus loved enough to die for.