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To blog or not to blog? That question has plagued me for a couple of years. I love to write, but the whole blog idea seemed somewhat contrived to me. After several months of prayerful deliberation, I’ve decided to return to the roots of blogging (think way back to...

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breaksrelaxthem's the breaks

Them’s the Breaks!

In my quest to find ways to build at least one break into my busy schedule, I first kept a 5-day log of the activities that fill the hours each day (What Have We Here?). Then I sat down, mug of hot tea and bullet journal at the ready, to analyze the results.The log...

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one little wordone wordrenewrenewal


As 2021 drew to a close and I began considering my “one word” for 2022, it became increasingly clear to me that renewal was the perfect choice. I was excited and envisioned starting out the new year strong, creating checklists and action steps in my bullet journal....

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