When I first began blogging years ago, I did so for one  3-pronged reason. I had always loved to write and to write not just for myself but for others. Intertwined with those loves was my life-goal of having at least one book published.

Every published writer, editor, and publisher’s rep I spoke with told me a blog was essential to becoming a published author in today’s publishing world.

And so, I became a blogger with the purpose of having a book published.

While I love to write, and in general I have enjoyed blogging, the blogging process (and the path to having a book published) has been less-than-enjoyable. And every time over the past few years that I’ve struggled with either one, I knew it was because my purpose was somehow “off”.

I prayed about it, talked to published authors and editors, yada yada, yet the struggle continued. (And oh how I appreciate those of you who have stayed with me along the way)

Then, within the past few weeks, the answer became apparent, like a jigsaw puzzle coming together piece by piece.

The first important piece was this meme, shared by a friend on social media.

Although this was an important piece of the puzzle, there were still some crucial pieces missing. Until last week when, in our Bible Study Fellowship lesson, I came upon this Scripture, which until then I’d paid little (if any, to be honest) attention to.

Suddenly, I knew that I needed to stop looking at how often successful authors blogged or what type of posts they shared on social media. I needed to stop trying to emulate others and be the writer I was created to be.

But there was still one piece missing . . .  that one last piece, right in the middle, that would make the picture complete.

And then, as I listened to a favorite radio program, a speaker said something that brought it all together, and I had a clear purpose, both for me and for “my” writing.

And it isn’t to have a book published. That could still happen, of course, but it won’t be my objective moving forward. Changes — some subtle and some not — will no doubt be on the horizon. But they will, I am confident, be good changes.

So I hope you’ll visit every Thursday and join in the conversations here join me on social media and join in the conversations there as well

I’m excited to be here, I’m excited you’re here, and I hope you’ll tell others about our space here and on social media!