I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for several years, and this year will be no different. Instead, I’ve created a Facebook group called “16 in 2016”. I hope that after reading the overview (from the Facebook page) posted below, you’ll decide to join the group. If so, search for “16 in 2016”, request to join, and I’ll add you.

“16 in 2016” Overview

Follow the steps below to prepare for your participation in 16 in 2016:

1. Brainstorm a list of “challenges”. A challenge can involve *adding* something to your life, *removing* something from your life, or *replacing* something in your life. Think of changes you are willing and reasonably able to sustain for a month.

[A list of ideas is provided as a file on the Facebook page]

2. Hopefully, you have a nice little list of things you. Choose 12 , and assign each of those 12 challenges to a month in 2016. Remember, you are going to make that change for an entire month.

3. Now it’s time for the “treats”. Brainstorm a list of things you would really like to do, that you think would be fun, something you have never done or perhaps that you haven’t done in a long time. These treats should be fairly big; each one should be something that takes all day or even an entire weekend (or longer). If you have a “bucket list” (btw, I despise that term; I call my list “100 Things” — for the 100 things I want to do), you could choose items off that list.

[A “treats” file with some ideas is provided on the Facebook page]

4. Choose 4 of those treats you listed; commit to doing one each quarter of the year (Jan-March, April-June, etc). I’m going to treat myself each quarter, no matter whether or not I am able to complete the monthly challenges that quarter, but you might choose to only reward yourself with the treat if you complete 1, 2, or 3 of the challenges. You get to create the guidelines that work for you.

12 monthly challenges + 4 rewards = 16 in 2016!

Near the end of each month (beginning December 2015), I’ll post a “Monthly Challenge” post. I hope you’ll chime in and share what you’re challenging yourself to do that month. Of course, if you would prefer not to share your challenge for a particular month, that’s great, too! Just chime in and say you’re adding/removing/exchanging something but don’t want to be any more specific.

Near the end of each quarter (beginning with December 2015), I’ll also add a “Quarter Treat” post. Again, feel free to share what you will be treating yourself with the coming quarter.

Throughout the month, we can chat about whatever you want — how the challenge is going, an update (pictures are great!) of your treat, or anything else you want to talk about *except* controversial topics such as politics or serious social issues. I’d like this group to be a place to chat and have fun, encourage one another, share concerns, etc., but not to get into deep discussions/debates.

If you have any questions, please post them here [on the Facebook site or here on the blog]; I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

One last thing. I’ve set this group to “Closed”. Anyone on Facebook can see the group exists and can ask to join; only members can see the posts. If you “Follow” this group, the posts will appear on your wall, but your friends will not see them.

As a member, you can add other members, so feel free to tell others about this group and to add any friends that are interested!